Saturday, April 5, 2014

Snoogle Smart Jersey Complete Body Pillow

There are a handful of facets to check into while shopping for pregnancy pillows: Size, shape, cost, softness, etc. But among the most important is cover material, what you will be in direct contact with all nighttime.
Among the most comfortable covers on the market is on the Snoogle Total Body Pillow in Knit Jersey.
Its feeling is far better than the cotton/polyester combinations that are typically discovered with several other pillows, soft from your skin and nonirritating.

The exceptional form of the pillow already makes cuddling perfect but the upgraded cover enhances comfortability more than you can imagine.

The cover can help you fall asleep along with the layout of the pillow can help you stay asleep. I am 5'4" and typically sleep on my back; this pillow fits my body shape and size flawlessly and helps me to sleep on my side for the well being of my baby.

I will see how if you were a few inches taller or shorter than I, the pillow would not fit your body perfectly. Any girl of a normal height would contour perfectly to the size and shape of the Snoogle.
It Is really comfortable to tuck the bottom end of the pillow under my belly and possess the underside arch component between my knees.

This made it simple for the remainder of the pillow to curve around my back and then I possibly could tuck my shoulder under the most notable and embrace the remainder of the pillow between my arms.
No matter which way you sleep with this pillow, the unique design supports your hips, back, and tummy which alleviates multiple pregnancy pains.

I no longer have an always aching back or swelling feet and sore. To be able to tuck the pillow between your knees also helps with temperature control.

It prevents overheating from wake up before my alarm went off through the nighttime which definitely kept me.

The pillow also has an easy on and easy off zipped pillow case. I myself am somewhat of a clean freak , therefore I wash my pillow case and sheet practically every other week.

I don't fight with removing the case in any way and it's machine washable so that's suitable. It doesn't shrink or pill , and it has remained soft for months.

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